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    choosing PISPO as your medical supplier or as a partner to penetrate any market, worldwide. We proudly distribute Geratherm, the German manufacturer which holds the patent of the Mercury-free thermometer, we also distribute and manufacture a wide range of disposables for the healthcare industry

  • We put together only the best pieces

    to obtain a masterpiece, choosing only leading European companies. Our vision is to deliver the best, satisfying customers and suppliers. This masterpiece is an ongoing challenge and we want you as a part of it

PISPO is an international distributor of medical products like diagnostics, food supplement and medical devices.

PISPO develops and distributes products for the medical industry, supplying countries worldwide with the necessary strategies, skills, professionalism and diplomatic , to overcome not only language and cultural barriers but bureaucratic challenges in the global supply chain.
PISPO utilises local partners in its distribution and e-commerce platforms for a global and modern distribution, in line with the current markets demand

Diagnostic Medical devices

Thermometers, blood pressure monitors, family planning, self tests and much more.

Disposable Medical devices

Surgical cannulae and bags, needles, washing mitts, bibs and an impressive range of custom made products.


International distribution of Medical Devices also under private label. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs you may have.


Our partners:

PISPO teams up with top companies in Europe that provide products of the highest quality. All our products are Pharmaceutical Licenced Products or CE marked in Europe. All products are manufactured in Europe.

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