MAT 130 - Electric Anti Decubitus Mattress


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MAT - 130

Anti Decubitus Mattress

MAT-130 is recommended for the prevention of basic bedsores in long-term and home therapy. It is easy to install, use and maintain and offers pressure adjustment based on patient weight.
This non-toxic PVC mattress is inflated with its own compressor having hooks for bed fitting. Easy to use, portable and lightweight, the mattress contains 130 air bubbles and has end flaps for correct positioning in the bed.
EU plug

Power supply 230V - 50Hz
Air output 4.5 l/min
Pressure range 30 mmHg - 110 mmHg
Cycle time 10 min
Power consumption 5 W
Fuse 1 A
Noise level 31 dB
Size cm 24 x 12 x 9.5
Weight 1.4 Kg
Years of Warranty 2
Size cm 300 x 90 x 6.5
Cells 130
Material PVC (EN-71, low toxic)
PVC thickness 0.30 mm
Color beige

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