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Zanni Silicone Gel is a complete range of aids and solutions for the health and well-being of feet and is the result of continuous research. PODOSPECIAL ITALY has been producing these items in its own laboratories since 1993. Products are non-toxic and non-allergic, give your feet a great relief, do not change over time. For their good performance they are recommended by the best professionals in the sector all over the world.

The SILICONE GEL IS NOT POLYURETHANE and cannot be assimilated to it because it has superior and not comparable characteristics.

SILICONE GEL originates from SILICA, the second most common element on the surface of the earth and therefore has the following characteristics

MINERAL OIL: is naturally contained and not added: oil helps softening and lubricating the affected areas and keeping your feet free from corns and calluses.

SOFTNESS: products in silicone gel are so soft that they well protect skin and feet, fit all types of shoes, do not become yellow and hard, maintaining their original shape over time.

HYGIENE: silicone gel products do not retain feet odours. For a long lasting life, they can be easily washed by hand, dried in the air and then sprinkled with talc powder.


Helps preventing metatarsal pains caused by the continuous use of
high-heel shoes. Can be worn with all types of ladies’ footwear, also
• 24 hours of energy
• Prevents foot pain from wearing high-heel shoes
• Absorbs shocks and vibrations
• Gives relief to weary feet
• Permits to stand for many hours
• Ultra-thin and invisible
• Anti-slip
• Can be worn with bare feet
• Long-lasting because it is made with high quality materials
• Ensures comfort all day long
• Also useful with sandals and open shoes to prevent false movements
of feet and ankle twisting
• Its special relief design softens and lubricates corns and calluses and
carries out a continuous massage
• Washable and reusable
• Non-toxic and non-allergic

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