Formula specially recommended to treat areas prone to creases in the skin (breasts, pelvis, perigenital areas...). The high concentration of adsorbent powders and active ingredients which help rebuild the skin’s barrier effectively soothes and protects, reducing the effects of continuous chafing and helps keep the skin soft and dry.

  • Zinc oxide 15% and talc create a physical film layer that does not clog the skin but protects it from redness (when changing nappies) and irritant exudation, thanks in part to an anti-microbial, purifying action.
  • The oil-free formula also contains active ingredients, such as ßeta glycyrrhetic and ceramides which are highly soothing and help rebuild the skin’s barrier, providing relief from irritation and restoring the skin to optimal conditions.
  • Also recommended for hyper-active, intolerant and allergic skin.

Product code : 1011.18

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