Thoracentesis EL804xxx-O

Set for thoracentesis with 2000ml bag, needles and Luer lock syringe 60ml


  • List of components:
    • bag ml 2000 (PVC)
    • clamp (polypropylene)
    • male Luer lock (ABS)
    • female Luer lock (ABS)
    • vented cap for LL (LDPE)
    • male Luer lock closed cap (ABS)
    • 3W stopcock (polycarbonated DB1 + HDPE)
    • tube Ø3x4.1 (PVC)
    • needle 14G-16G-18G 80mm or Verres needle (INOX steele)
    • syringe ml 60 (polypropylene + rubber)
  • Blister "Extension Line" cm 34x20 (medical grade printed paper + transparent film PP/PE); 25 pieces per carton cm 39x23, 5x39H
  • Disposable Medical Device - Class IIa

Thoracentesis EL804xxx-O

Product code : 505.EL804XXX-O (Thoracentesis)

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