Entinfusion EBxx0010-O

Enteral nutrition bag in EVA with screwed emptying set


  • List of components:
    • Vented cap for universal nutrition connector (Polyethylene)
    • Universal nutrition connector (ABS)
    • Drip chamber (clear soft PVC)
    • 1 way cover (clear rigid PVC)
    • Big roller house with wheel (ABS)
    • Sliding clamp (polypropylene)
    • Tube 4,8x6,8 (transparent PVC )
    • Bag (E.V.A.)
    • Big filling cap (Polycarbonate)
  • Blister cm 20x34 (Medical grade printed paper "Entinfusion" + plastic transparent film); 30 pieces per carton measures cm 40x60x27h
  • Disposable Medical Device - Class IIa

Entinfusion EBxx0010-O

Product code : 505.ebxx0010-O

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