Strong Calendula Cream

Softens and nourishes the skin of your hands, protecting it from irritation, dehydration and chapping caused by weather agents and detergents. If it is applied daily, it grants an ideal protection to your hands that will become soft and velvety. Has emollient, decongestant, moisturizing and elasticising properties. Its functional substances are the following: SHEA KARITE BUTTER performs its beneficial properties (moisturizing, nourishing, emollient etc.) in the skin treatment; JOJOBA OIL has anti-bacterial, emollient, epithelium-stimulating and protective properties. Helps cells in producing elastin and collagen, i.e. the substances that mostly help maintaining your skin young; ESSENTIAL OIL MIXTURE: camomile, with anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properti

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