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basal digital
Digital Thermometer For natural family planning Flexible tip Click for more
classic with easyflip
Analogue Gallium Thermometer with Easyflip Easyflip makes easier to shake the thermometer and put the temperature down, ready for a new reading Contains Gallium Click for more
Digital Thermometer Robust clinical theromometer for the hospital Resistant against all common disinfectant solutions Click for more
easy temp
XXL display with colored fever indicator XXL display Colored visual fever indicator Click for more
Digital thermometer with extended measuring range. Extended measuring range: 28°C – 42.9°C Ideal for premature babies and hypothermia Click for more
solar speed
Digital Thermometer Without Batteries - powered by solar cells Works for 72 hours without light Click for more
chlamydia check
Rapid Chlamydia test. Find out quickly and safely! For detection of the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium High accuracy diagnostic of 98.3% Click for more
fungal infection
Rapid self test for vaginal fungal infection Proven cassette method, used by doctors Rapid results in about 10 minutes Click for more
Rapid menopause test. Discreet and reliable determination of a new phase of life! 2 urine tests for discreet and reliable determination of menopause High diagnostic specificity of 99% Click for more
pH balance
quick and reliable vaginal pH self test Decreases the risk of premature birth Easy to read colour chart Click for more
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Large Display and Buttons Arrhythmia Detection Click for more
desktop 2.0 XL cuff
Optional XL cuff for Geratherm® desktop 2.0 upper amr blood pressure monitor. Washable Circumference: 32-42 cm Click for more
easy med
Compact Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Easy to use Arrhythmia Detection Click for more
med control
High-end upper arm blood pressure monitor Fully automatic with Arrhythmia detection Radio-controlled clock Click for more
tensio control
Mobile and reliable blood pressure measurement on your wrist! simple to use, safe and user-friendly one-button control panel fully automatic Click for more
oxy control
Finger Pulse Oximeter for rapid and mobile measurement of oxygen saturation and pulse rate High accuracy Clinically tested Click for more
Fully portable vibrating mesh technology nebulizer No need for glasses to take medication Does not heat the product Click for more