New Aspiret - Aspiratore Chirurgico Portatile


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New Aspiret - Portable Suction Unit

NEW ASPIRET is a desk-type electric suction unit suitable for nasal, oral and endotracheal aspiration of bodily fluids (mucus or catarrh) from adults and children. Indicated for tracheotomized patients, minor surgical applications and post-operative therapy in home-care. Main unit equipped with vacuum-meter (mmHg and kPa) and vacuum regulator.


Recommended for nasal aspiration, oral aspiration, tracheal aspiration of body liquids in adults or children. Equipped with autocable jar with overflow valve system, antibacterial and hydrophobic filter, set of silicone tubes 6×10 mm and conical connector for probes.

Main applications:

  • nasal, oral and trachealSUCTION
  • tracheosthomy
  • home care
  • room / ward.


Technical features:
  • Operating voltage: 230V – 50Hz
  • Max. suction: -0.75 Bar /-75KPa / -563 mmHg
  • Flow (air litres/min): 15 L / min
  • Power consumption: 184 VA
  • Fuse: 1 x 1.6 A 250V
  • Continuous use
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Size: 235 x 190 x 165 mm
  • Made in Italy
Graduated bottles available:
NEW ASPIRET come with 2000ml autoclavable jar in policarbonate

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