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JUMPER FR202 Infrared Thermometer measures the human body or an object temperature based on the infrared energy emitted by the forehead or an object (such as milk and water). You can quickly get measurement results after pointing the temperature probe to the target. The measuring range of the thermometer in forehead mode is between 32.0°F - 212.0°F (0 °C- 100 °C) .

The product consists of ABS plastics, temperature sensor, Infrared temperature measuring element, microcomputer controlled circuit, LCD , backlight and buzzer. JUMPER Thermometer supports 20 previous readings recall, no-touching measuring, high temperature warning, and so on. Under the JUMPER Forehead Thermometer guard, people will not worry about physical discomfort.

Packet Contents:

1 x JUMPER FR202 Infrared Thermometer

1 x Portable Case

1 x User Manual

2 x Battery (AAA)

Main Features

  • [Extremely Fast Test]: Comply with superior Medical grade for infants, children, adults and objects in 1 SECOND, faster than conventional oral/armpit thermometers. Hold with latest version of infrared sensor that allows high accurate reading.
  • [Best Accurate Reading]: Have faith of pursuing high accuracy. Thousands of times test achieve its reputation. Seen the shape, color choice, and incredibly light weight, all of them show of artistic genius and capacity of first-class design.
  • [Safe and Hygienic]: Non Contact means No germs infection, No skin contact. You can measure forehead or ear temperature of your babies without disturbing them in a silent mode. Mute/un-mute mode, Celsius and Fahrenheit switch in a very simple way.
  • [Multiple Uses]: Digital LCD display see the readings very clearly. Thanks to the backlit technology, temperature value is the same readable even in the dark. Memory recalls up to 20 readings that help you recording temp changes better.
  • [100% Satisfied Guarantee]: We’re very confident about our product. But still you can get all money comes back for free within 30 days. Attached two AAA batteries round up 20000 times, a soft pouch protect the device and carry it very easily.

How to measure the forehead temperature

In a power-off state, point the IR sensor to the center of the forehead. Move the thermometer towards the forehead. For effective measurement, the distance between the thermometer and the forehead must be ½” to 2” (1-5 cm). Press and release the Measure button. The forehead temperature will be displayed on the screen.

How to measure the ambient temperature

In a power-on state, press the “Mode button”, and the thermometer enters the Object mode.

Point the IR sensor to the center of the object, then press and release the Measure button. The object temperature will be displayed on the screen.

High Temperature Alarm

When the reading exceeds 37.5℃/99.5℉, this product shall warn the user that he/she may get cold by 6 rapid and short beeps with LCD flicker.(For normal forehead temperature, the signal is long beep with LCD no flicker).

Memory Recall

A maximum of 20 previous readings is available to help you track the changes of your body temperature.

°C/°F Conversion

In a power-on state, press the ℃/℉ button to switch between ℃ and ℉.

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