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What is a Geratherm® thermometer?
The Geratherm® thermometer is the first clinical thermometer that functions just like a standard mercury thermometer, yet without mercury or batteries. The Geratherm® contains a unique liquid alloy called "Galinstan®."
What is Galinstan®?
Galinstan® is non-toxic, safe for the user and the environment. Additional information is available at your request. Galinstan® was awarded the Gold Medal for the best new invention at the 1993 "Eureka" Inventors' Fair in Brussels. This substance has been reviewed and listed by the U.S. FDA and issued a 510k listing and U.S. and International patents.
How does this thermometer work?
The interior capillary containing the Galinstan® allows this thermometer to function like a standard mercury thermometer. When heat is applied (orally, rectally or axially) the Galinstan® rises up the column until the maximum temperature is achieved normally in 3 minutes. Therefore it is called a definitive reading unlike a battery-operated digital thermometer, which is a presumptive reading.
How accurate is the Geratherm® thermometer?
It is exceedingly accurate and has been used to calibrate other instruments. The accuracy has been confirmed in clinical trials. The manufacturer, based in Germany, has been issued a ISO 9002 certificate for their quality control procedures and programs. Documentation is available upon request.
Why are mercury thermometers a concern?
When a mercury thermometer breaks the mercury begins to vaporize even at room temperature. Mercury is a potent toxin to the nervous system and exposure can affect the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and liver. Mercury is classified as a toxic chemical and requires special procedures in the event of a mercury "spill". Thousands of calls are made annually to poison control centers, HAZMAT teams, and emergency rooms regarding broken mercury fever thermometers.
Is this product safe and what happens if it breaks?
The Geratherm®'s shell and internal capillary are made of medical grade glass. Galinstan® is non-toxic and clean-up can be done with warm soapy water or other commercial cleansers. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for details.
Are there oral and rectal thermometers available?
Yes, the Oral, comes with a color coded green cap and green stripe; the Rectal, has a red cap and red stripe and the MagnaTherm especially for visually impaired comes in a magnified case and increases one's ability to read the thermometer. In addition, we offer ColorChoice digital clinical thermometers that are color coded for oral and rectal application.
In which clinical areas are the Geratherm® thermometers used?
Hospitals use the Geratherm® in all clinical applications where they have previously used a mercury thermometer. In addition, the oral, rectal and MagnaTherm are used in Home Health Care. This allows the nursing staff to provide their patients with individual thermometers. Clinical teaching facilities use the Geratherm® line to introduce new students to the accuracy of analogue thermometers. The Basal, Hypothyroid, Hypothermic glass are used in clinical applications where special temperature range requirements are needed.
How do I clean the Geratherm® thermometer?
The exterior shell is made of a medical grade glass that can be cleaned with tepid soapy water and or an alcohol swab. Probe covers are also available, designed specifically for the Geratherm® thermometers. Further cleaning instructions are available here. The manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning the Geratherm® thermometers are also available upon request.
Is the Geratherm® thermometer cost effective?
Geratherm® thermometers are very accurate, safe and a cost effective alternative to mercury thermometers. One must only consider the expense of a single broken mercury thermometer. These additional costs can include a mercury spill kit, training for employees, hazardous materials disposal, a HAZMAT team, and the significant harm to the environment.
Where can I purchase Geratherm® mercury-free thermometers?
You may purchase the Geratherm® thermometers directly from us, contacting our customer service.

Ovu Control

How do I know which day of my cycle I’m at?
This diagnostic product is not used to tell which day of the cycle you are, but rather it is used to tell you on which phase of your cycle you have more probability to get pregnant.
What I’m looking at in the microscope?
You are looking at the effects of the salt concentration in your dried saliva which is associated to the oestrogens concentration that is related to your fertility.
Do I have to clean it?
Yes, you have to clean the lens before and after the use. To do that use the cleaning cloth provided in the packaging, do not clean it under running water and do not use soap or detergent.
What if using the OVU kit I don’t get pregnant?
First of all ensure you are using it, and also interpreting the results, correctly. The OVU kit show you the most likely time to conceive. If you have concerns please seek medical advice.