Which type of thermometer to choose?

Having a thermometer at home has never been more essential.  Being able to quickly and accurately measure temperature can provide vital information to determine the health of a person which can then be used to decide if a healthcare professional should be informed.  With so many different types of thermometers available on the market it can be confusing as to which would suit the needs of a family or household.  Here we breakdown various types and their individual characteristics and benefits.

The digital thermometer

Simple and effective.  Perhaps the most widely available thermometer popular for its ease of use.  When placed in one of three places on the body (armpit, mouth or rectum), the device quickly measures the persons temperature and clearly displays the result on small LED screen.  Some devices even have a “high temperature” alert indicator.

The infrared thermometer

This recent innovation has been brought to the forefront during the COVID19 pandemic.  Being able to measure a persons temperature without any direct is essential to ensure no contamination of the device and prevent further spreading of potential illness.  When placed at the correct distance from the persons forehead the temperature can be taken at the simple press of a button which is then clearly displayed on the LED screen.  Our own brand Pispo Contactless Thermometer comes with a “correct distance indicator” which ensures correct usage of the device. Also, with an accuracy of +/-0.1% and when used correctly, our TermoPlus model is fast becoming the best in class device.

The ”classic” thermometer

Once the benchmark of body temperature measurement, this now outdated device is no longer in production due to the high toxicity of mercury.  Replacing mercury with gallium, indium and tin have made it possible to create a non-digital device that is safe to use.

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